The Evolution of Funerals [Infographic]

Death has been a part of life since the dawn of time. The two are linked inextricably, but we did not always mourn the loss of those we care about through the practice of burial or cremation rituals. Over time, funeral rites have developed. In the beginning, they were rudimentary and simple. Over time, funeral traditions have become more complex and varied since different cultures have practiced various forms of cremation, embalming and burial. has developed a great infographic to document some of the more notable evolutionary steps that death and funeral traditions have taken over the course of the last few millennia. From Emperor Qin Shi Huang’s 6,000 terra cotta warriors to the new process called resomation, take a look and see if there’s any piece of information that you didn’t know about before reading the graphic.

evolution of funerals

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Looking at this graphic, it becomes apparent that cultures all over the world have developed their own way of coping with the loss of a beloved member of the family and creating a unique memorial that is meaningful to them. While their methods may be very different or even seem barbaric or archaic to you, it’s important to keep a healthy perspective on the ever changing traditions and values when it comes to death, mourning and memorializing the people we love most. We think this infographic does a great job of giving us the benefit of thousands of years’ worth of perspective and it reminds us that what we may find completely normal now may not even be considered as proper in the future.

One thing will certainly never change and that is our desire to create a meaningful way to honor the dead and memorialize their life in some way.

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  1. From Brandon McBride

    This is interesting! I’m still more likely to go with a traditional burial, but a Dr. Who themed casket intrigues me.

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