Interesting Facts About Cremation: Did You Know…

Cremation facts you never knew...

Cremation facts you never knew...

We know – you’re up at night thinking, “I wonder what’s up with cremation? How do they DO that?” OK, well maybe cremation isn’t something that keeps you up at night, but there are some facts about the funeral and cremation industry that can prop your eyes wide open (no matter WHAT time of day!).

  • Cost of a funeral in 1960: $708 (a bargain if you don’t consider inflation…)
  • Cost of a funeral in 2008: $6195 (wow)
  • Ten states with the highest cremation rate: Nevada, Hawaii, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Montana, Maine, Colorado, Vermont, New Hampshire (ranging from 58% New Hampshire to 69% in Nevada)
  • Ten states with the lowest cremation rate: Mississippi, Alabama, Kentucky, Tennessee, Texas, Louisiana, West Virginia, Arkansas, South Dakota, Utah (ranging between 11% for Mississippi and 24% for Utah)
  • Pacemakers with lithium batteries are removed prior to cremation – they explode during the process.
  • Silicone breast implants are often removed prior to cremation as cremains tend to adhere to the implants.
  • Cremation practices date back to 3000 BC (according to the Cremation Society of North America)
  • Modern crematories do not expose a body to flames – it’s the intense heat that reduces the body to ashes.
  • Cremation only came to North America in 1876 when the first crematory was built in Washington, Pennsylvania.
  • By 1920, there were 20 operating crematories in the United States
  • By 2003, the number of operating crematories in the U.S. increased to 1,891

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  1. From June

    This is so cool. This is helping me with a homework assignment right now. Acutally I have to do a debate on whether my town should have a crematory built or not. Thanks!!!!!!!! :D

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