Now that’s Customer Service: Answering Service Camps Out to Help Funeral Directors

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

Answering service funeral hurricaneFuneral directors around the country typically have set hours of operation; however, death and tragedy do not. Because of this fact, many funeral homes enroll with answering services so that someone will be there to take a call from a grieving spouse of family member no matter what time of the day or night. One such service, Answering Service for Directors (or ASD), took the service they provide their clients to a whole new level over the weekend.

What you should know about ASD is that it is located just outside Philadelphia and most of their clients are located on the East Coast. The same East Coast that just got hammered over the weekend by Hurricane Irene, causing power outages and business closures throughout New Jersey, New York and many other states on the coast. Expecting that their clients would be without power over the weekend, ASD employees camped out in their offices and took calls for their clients.

Since they couldn’t predict the amount of damages that would be incurred during the storm, the company stocked up on food, sleeping bags, air mattresses and toothbrushes for the 44 employees working through the storm for their clients. And work they did. ASD took over 1500 first calls and answered 85% after the first ring.

Not only did the company offer help to all of their clients, they also extended their good will to extended family members of employees, allowing them to come and take shelter in the 15,000 square foot building during the storm and flooding.

Now this is a company that fully comprehends the meaning of compassion and caring in times of need and we’re certain that their clients are more than grateful for the service they provided over the weekend.


2 Responses to “Now that’s Customer Service: Answering Service Camps Out to Help Funeral Directors”

  1. From Jessica Fowler

    Thanks for featuring ASD’s preparations for Hurricane Irene in your blog. Some of our clients are still without power and it’s an honor to be able to be able to provide them with peace of mind and one less thing to worry about during the aftermath of this devastating storm.

  2. From Une Belle Vie Customer Service

    Our pleasure, Jessica!

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