Share Your Loved One’s Remains with an Artistic and Unique Keepsake Urn

Because scattering is irreversible, keeping and sharing a portion of the ashes can be a respectful alternative or addition, allowing the family the feeling that a portion of their loved one is always near.

Keepsake Urns Unique Keepsake Urns

Painted, Sculpted, Bling, Converted —
Custom urns create a unique memorial for your loved one.

Ideal for today’s families who are often separated by dozens, hundreds or even thousands of miles, keepsake urns can be used to hold jewelry, a lock of hair or other memento in addition to ashes. Create a Custom Keepsake Urn, or browse our gallery of artistic keepsake urns.

Our gallery of keepsake urns

Keepsake urns give family members and close friends an intimate way to remember a loved one or beloved memento, offering comfort both during and after mourning. Family and friends of the deceased often want to share the remains among those who loved them the most. Une Belle Vie helps make this possible with small keepsake urns. These types of urns are small vessels, typically holding only a few cubic inches of cremation ashes.

Keepsake urns are often used in conjunction with, or in addition to, a full-size urn that is interred, buried or displayed. This allows loved ones to hold on to a physical reminder of the deceased.

The addition of keepsake cremation urns to the grieving process can be a powerful reminder that even though that person can no longer be with us in the moment, we can keep their memories alive through these small, elegant tokens or tributes.

Keepsake urns are diverse and beautiful

Our collection of urn keepsakes includes striking brass, carved wood, ceramic, resin, and painted metal options that stand just a few inches tall. Available as small carved figurines, sports- and hobby-themed containers, and precious animals, angels, and miniature vases, these vessels are ideal for families who are scattering or interring the remains of a loved one, but would like to keep a small portion in remembrance.

Some of these containers are matched with full-size urns, so your loved one can have a central resting place, but still be close to those who were dearest to him or her.

If a small keepsake urn has a corresponding full-size urn, you’ll be able to select it from the “select a size” pull down menu. Not all family members may be comfortable sharing the remains, so be sure to have an open and in-depth discussion regarding this topic to ensure that everyone’s wishes for the memorial service and distribution of the remains are heard.

Select a keepsake urn to honor a loved one or beloved memento

Browse our special collection of keepsake cremation urns to find the right memorial to share with your family members and friends. Because they are small and unobtrusive urns, a keepsake-style memorial can be easier to incorporate into a wide variety of decor, without attracting as much attention as do their larger counterparts.

You may purchase a keepsake urn in whatever quantity you choose. If, for some reason, your desired quantity is not available, please reach out to us, and we’ll be happy to assist you with additional options.