Creative Memorial Urns – Seven Unique and Custom Creations

When a loved one dies and they’ve requested that their cremains be memorialized in a creative urn, but they haven’t specified exactly what they want, it can be difficult to know exactly what to look at with regards to memorial urns. No need to worry; we’ve listed seven extremely creative custom urns that were originally requested by customers that Une Belle Vie now offers to any any customers who feel this is a perfect urn for their loved one.


Blown Glass Memory Globes

These beautiful globes look almost like paperweights, and all of the memorial urns in this series are hand blown glass that incorporates your loved ones cremains. So, instead of a vessel for containing all of your loved one’s cremains, this globe incorporates some of them right into the creation of the urn itself. There are several colors to choose from and it makes a beautiful decoration in your home as well as a beautiful memorial urn.


British Police Call Box

Fans of the British series “Dr. Who” will appreciate this perfect miniature version of the iconic police callbox. If your loved one was a fan of sci-fi, these memorial urns are a great item to consider. In fact, you can even let this urn inspire you to have a custom creation of another iconic sci-fi vessel designed for your loved ones memorial urn.


The Diva

These memorial urns have been created in both pink and red and feature a sexy high heel shoe atop its shoebox. Since it was originally created, other people have commissioned this shoe urn in different colors and have even added Swarovski crystals the shoe’s heel. If your loved one was a slave to fashion, these memorial urns are definitely something to consider.


Photo Urn

These types of memorial urns are a great way to customize a standard metal urn by simply adding a little twist. Have your loved one’s photo added to a metal urn to make it uniquely theirs. It’s a more affordable alternative than having an entirely new urn created while still keeping the urn customized.


Seamless Transition

Initially created for a customer who had a love for sewing, this urn uses an actual vintage sewing machine.  Cremains are stored in the custom built base.


The Willendorf Venus

This symbol of femininity and fertility is a way to honor the life and death of a woman that you loved. Originally designed for a couple that adored this particular statue, it’s now available as a memorial urn for any family that’s interested.


Masonic Honor

If your loved one was a member of the Freemasons then you might want to consider looking at memorial urns that pay tribute to that heritage. These urns are designed with strength and simplicity in mind and are a great way to honor your loved one.

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