Custom Urns: An Exquisite Gallery of Possibilities

When you think of an urn, what do you think of? Do you think of the traditional shape that many urns come in or perhaps it’s a certain material like stone or wood? What if we were to tell you that an urn doesn’t have to be any of those preconceived ideas and that, in fact, custom urns can be just about anything you dare to dream up. Here are a few examples.

Purse Urn

For the accessory queen, nothing is better than finding the perfect handbag (or 20 perfect handbags) and pairing it with her favorite pair of shoes. Clients have had custom urns made in the shape of purses, shoes and even a sewing machine. Choose a passion and have your custom urn made to suit your stylish needs.

Dinosaur Urn

This custom urn certainly isn’t for the faint of heart! Designed for an archeologist, we think this urn represents not only a lifelong dedication to work, but also a sense of adventure akin to Indiana Jones. If you or the loved one in your life was always an adventurous spirit, be brave and make their custom urn just as bold as they were.

Hearts of Blue Urn

We love this urn because of what it meant to the people that had it commissioned. The story goes that this design was a signature of the artist that passed away. The family wanted something for a memorial urn that would honor the artist’s life and they agreed that his signature was the most fitting symbol. What sort of abstract symbol or piece would you pick for a custom urn?

Police Call Box

Fans of Dr. Who will recognize this call box immediately as something called a TARDIS. This custom urn was commissioned for a lover of the show and we’re sure it was a fitting final vessel. If you’ve got a fan in your life, from Star Wars to Baseball, a custom urn that represents their pastime is a great way to honor their life and give a cheerful nod to something that played a big part in their life.

As you can plainly see, custom urns come in a pretty wide variety of shapes and styles, so if you were going to have a custom urn made, what would you chose and why?


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