Butterfly and Dragonfly Urns Capture a Sense of Freedom and Transformation

Symbolizing the eternal nature of the soul, butterfly and dragonfly themed urns express your loved ones quirky love of life in fantastical, whimsical and artistic form.

Many ancient cultures, such as the Greeks, believed that the butterfly was symbolic of the immortal soul. In depictions of the Virgin Mary and Child, butterflies tenderly usher and protect the human soul as it ascends to Heaven. A great option for remembering a gentle spirit, a unique butterfly urn from our gallery will honor the spirit of your loved one, while providing a beautiful resting place for their cremated final remains.

For centuries, the dragonfly has been a symbol of transformation and freedom. Perfect for honoring a joyful child, our selection of dragonfly urns perfectly captures and expresses their sense of delight and exuberance in living, while allowing your family to keep a portion of their essence nearby.

Both butterfly and dragonfly urns symbolize your loved one’s eternal spirit with beautiful and delicate nature scenes, and quirky, joyful detail. Available in a variety of high quality materials, such as painted metal, rich woods, or ceramic, these unique vessels come in a variety of forms, such as boxes, traditionally shaped painted urns, or sculpted keepsakes.

If you do not see the perfect option, your personal Custom Urn Curator is happy to work with you to incorporate a butterfly or dragonfly theme into a hand-crafted custom work of memorial art.

Browse our selection of Butterfly and Dragonfly urns, or contact a Custom Urn Curator to design your own.