Glass urns: brilliant, fresh and hopeful

With their elegant shapes and brilliant colors, glass urns for ashes are a beautiful memorial for a loved one who exhibited impeccable taste or a bright personality. There’s tremendous showmanship in each urn that’s likely to evoke powerful feelings and make it a heart-felt conversation piece.

Glass cremation urns are stunning works of art

Your loved one deserves a beautiful resting place, and glass urns are vibrant works of art that any gallery or high end boutique would be proud to display. There’s no reason to settle for less than the finest work of art when honoring someone near and dear to you.

The “wow” factor

Glass urns have a “wow” factor with their intricate designs, innovative colors and clever shapes. Perhaps more than any other medium, glass reflects the widest variety in personality. Some are strikingly sophisticated and funky; others are playful and whimsical; and some are soothing and peaceful.

Glass urns even vary in appearance and “feel,” ranging from smooth and vibrant surfaces, to distinctly textured, one-of-a-kind designs.

Many artists express themselves through their creative and ornate lids for their glass urns. In our collection of urns, you’ll see everything from lids that are intricate and inspired by nature, to tops as whimsical and free-spirited as the loved one or pet who inspired you.

Select your urn display area with care

Glass urns for ashes are fragile art pieces, so please choose your display area carefully. You may want to avoid any area where they could be exposed to movement, easily knocked, or jostled.

View our beautiful gallery of glass cremation urns

Celebrate the beautiful life of your loved one with a stunning vessel from our collection of unique pieces. If you have questions about any of our urns, please feel free to contact us.

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