Affordable, Earth-Friendly Urns for Burial

There are many reasons you may wish to bury your loved one’s remains ― from honoring their wishes, to respecting a religious tradition, to wanting to keep your family together in a special burial plot.

If you, your loved one, or your family has chosen cremation, urns for burial may provide an ideal alternative to a casket burial.

Because of their size, manufacturing process, and the materials out of which our urns are typically fabricated, our burial urns possess a number of advantages over other methods of burial or interment.  

  • Expense – If budget issues or finances become an issue and source of strain around the funeral or service, a decorative ceramic urn or a biodegradable burial urn for humans (or pets) can reduce this source of stress. A burial urn will provide your loved one or companion with a resting place as unique and beautiful as they were, and at significantly lower cost than you would pay for a casket.

  • Environmental concerns – If the deceased was a hunter, fisher, conservationist or other outdoors enthusiast, a quickly dissolving biodegradable urn breaks down into its earth-friendly components in just a few weeks, while a casket will remain in the ground for decades. If a casket does become unsealed, the chemicals used to preserve the body can leach into the surrounding soil and groundwater.

  • Limited space – If the availability of burial space is an issue (an issue that can be related to and compounded by cost and environmental concerns), urns for burial are the perfect option. The largest burial urn is still just a fraction of the size of the smallest casket.

We offer several types of burial urns that address these issues without sacrificing the grace, style, and class your loved one deserves.

Ceramic – a practical and attractive material for burial urns

For burial, a ceramic urn presents many advantages. Because every ceramic urn in our collection is a decorative work of art, you can rest a bit easier, knowing that your loved one’s final resting place is beautiful. This makes them ideal for display at a memorial service, and if you will be burying the ashes later, they are suited for home display as well.

In addition to being attractive, we offer ceramic urns for burial at very reasonable price points. If your loved one’s passing has created a financial strain, ceramic burial urns for human ashes allow you to provide the deceased with a beautiful resting place, while offering a large reduction in burial expenses. You won’t have to sacrifice quality and dignity for price.

Finally, all our ceramic urns are biodegradable, and each of our artists uses earth-friendly materials that are free of harmful chemicals.

Cremation burial urns that are designed to biodegrade quickly

Biodegradable urns for burial are designed specifically for burial in the soil or casting into the sea. Each one is crafted of 100% natural elements ― including clay, sand, and organic proteins and compounds ― so they will not harm the environment as they break down over time.

Biodegradable burial urns for humans and pets are earth friendly, and break down within just a few weeks when buried. When cast to sea or into a river or lake, they can dissolve in as little as three hours, depending on conditions, and rarely last longer than 48 hours in the water.

Find an urn for burial for your loved one

Explore our ceramic and biodegradable burial urns to find the one that’s right for your loved one. If you have any questions, please reach out to us for assistance.

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