Cat Urns with Personality and Charm

Our charming cat urns do more than provide a peaceful resting place for your kitty; they give you an outlet for fond memories and a way to honor your beloved companion.

Unique Urns Created by Artists

Every cat urn in our collection has a distinct personality, – just like your cat – from playful and whimsical to gentle and kind.

Because our memorial urn collection consists of many hand-made works of art, it continually grows and changes. Our diverse collection of cat urns ranges from bronze metal urns decorated with paw prints, to bright, fanciful ceramic urns that celebrate clever and mischievous kitties.

Each memorial urn is crafted with care. The artists who create our urns use a variety of materials ― from precious metals to colorful ceramics ― so you can select the material that best expresses the unique and special qualities of your loving companion.

Find the Perfect Memorial Urn for Your Special Kitty

Browse our collection of beautiful cat urns to select a fitting memorial for your beloved pet.

If you are seeking a truly unique cat urn to remember your feline friend, consider partnering with one of our artists on a custom cat memorial. Our artists can help you design the perfect work of art, whether you want an urn, painting, statue, sculpture, jewelry piece, or memorial marker. Our skilled artists can create just about anything you can imagine. To explore a unique way of remembering your cat, learn how to create a custom memorial.

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