Demonstrate That Love Endures with a Companion Urn or a Double Cremation Urn

A companion urn is a lovely way to unite two people whose lives were so powerfully intertwined that even death could not separate them. A double cremation urn is appropriate for parents, grandparents, spouses or partners, children, or even siblings who wish to continue their journeys together. Both types of companion urns for ashes are designed to honor the idea and the reality of a love everlasting.

Combine Beauty with the Everlasting Nature of Love

We offer a beautiful collection of companion urns for two loved ones. You’ll find artistic,ceramic urns, hand crafted by skilled artisans, as well as more traditional urns infine metals, such as brass. You’ll also find double cremation urns in creative and inspired shapes.

These unique pieces provide a sense of comfort for both the couple who will be placed in the urn, and for the family and loved ones of the deceased who will take consolation in knowing that their loving couple will be together forever.

Companion Urn for Ashes

With a single compartment, a companion urn for ashes allows the cremains of two loved ones to share the same resting place as they continue their journey together.

Double Cremation Urn

Similar to a companion urn, a double cremation urn has two standard sized compartments, allowing your loved one’s remains to rest side by side in a symbolic paring, without blending the remains together as in a companion urn for ashes.

Celebrate a Beautiful Love

Browse our gallery to find the perfect urn to celebrate the life you and your husband, wife or partner have built together, or honor your parents by enabling their love to endure endlessly.

Both companion urns and double urns are ideal for honoring two adults. Generally able to contain the cremains of a couple with a combined weight of approximately 350 pounds, these urns commemorate the enduring nature of all types of love.

Both types of urns are available in a wide range of creative, artistic and beautiful design options, from a single turned vessel, to two separate containers with a shared stand. In addition, we offer a variety of themed vessels, such as the Final Adventure RV, which portray the undying love shared between two people, while honoring the very sense of fun and adventure, as well as the common interests that originally drew them so closely together.

If you wish to create a family memorial, these beautiful vessels are available in a number of different materials, and in larger sizes to accommodate a larger volume of cremation ashes. Contact us and we will help you explore these options.

Honor a Special Couple

Browse our collection of companion and double urns to find the right memorial for a special couple. Remember, all of our urns can be personalized with direct engraving, or by creating a small plaque to be placed on the vessel.

If you are looking for something truly unique, you may wish to collaborate with one of our artists on a custom companion urn or double urn. If a custom urn interests you, learn more on how tocreate a custom memorial.

If you have other questions about how to appropriately honor a loving couple or family members with a companion or double urn, please reach out to us, at 866-329-4845.

Browse our selection of collection of companion and double urns, or contact a Custom Urn Curator to design your own.