Celebrate a Young Life with Infant Urns, Baby Urns and Child Urns

Cherish the memory of a young one, and help ease the burden on those left behind, with a custom child urn.

Child Urns Child and Infant Urns

Painted, Sculpted, Bling, Converted —
Custom urns create a unique memorial for your loved one.

Designed with your little ones in mind, our baby urns, infant urns and child urns express the essence of childhood with playful designs and bright colors, truly reflecting the personality of the child, and the wonder that children have in the world that surrounds them. Create a Custom Child Urn, or browse our gallery of artistic child urns.

Our gallery of child urns

To cherish the memory of a young one and help ease the burden on those left behind, browse our collection of baby urns, infant urns and child urns. Precious child urns are forged from fine metals such as bronze and brass, or hand crafted from clay, glass or wood. Baby urns and infant urns are designed to express the zest children bring to life through personal touches, beautiful craftsmanship, and high quality materials.

Capturing the essence of childhood in each urn

Our collection of infant urns ranges from three-dimensional, heart-shaped keepsake vessels, to sculpted angels or a crescent moon, to a variety of adorable animals – including dragonflies, butterflies, dolphins and more. We also offer a variety of more traditional containers, such as delicate chests in fine wood, and beautiful small brass urns with simple or ornate finishes.

For a slightly older child, a sports-themed or hobby-based vessel such as our basketball, or En Pointe Ballet Slippers, might be a more appropriate way to celebrate their young lives and to express their unique personality.

Many urns can be personalized with your child’s name and dates. And remember the interior of your precious urn is not just for cremated ashes. A lock of hair, a swatch from their security blanket, or even a few flower petals may be placed inside as well ― whatever remembrance serves to bring a bit of peace and serenity to your grieving heart.  

Almost every small urn in our collection is created with special care by an artist who was selected by Une Belle Vie Memorial Urns for their great talent. More importantly, however, they respect and honor the significance of creating a small urn for a baby or child.

The precious size of an infant urn

Whether you seek a baby urn, infant urn, or a child urn, these small containers are ideal for little ones from one to five pounds (five cubic inches) up through 60 pounds (60 cubic inches). As you explore our collection of baby urns and find one you like, simply click on it, and scroll down to its information chart. There, you’ll find the estimated capacity for your urn.

Find comfort in selecting a special urn for a little one

Please explore our collection of baby urns, infant urns and child urns. With our wide selection of styles, colors, shapes and sizes, we are sure you’ll find the perfect vessel to keep your child near and dear to your heart. We are happy to answer any questions you have, so please reach out to us if we can be of assistance in any way.