Cherish your loved one for eternity with a custom converted urn.

Convert a cherished object into an eternal memorial for your loved one with a converted custom urn.

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Convert an Object into a Custom Urn

Priced from $200-1,000+ Shipped within 6-10 weeks

1. Place Your Initial Request.

Complete the custom urn request form, or call us directly at 877.249.7735 to work with your Custom Urn Curator, who will answer your questions and walk you through the process of selecting an appropriate vessel and customizing it to honor your loved one.

2. Select Your Art and Vessel.

Your urn curator will help determine what size of urn will be appropriate for your loved one or pet; as well as assist you with communicating your vision to our artists.

3. Professional Artists Create Your Original Work of Memorial Art.

Once the specifications are approved, our artist will commence work and your urn will be shipped to you within 6 to 10 weeks.

Inspiration for your custom urn:

Our artists can work from a photograph or other piece of existing art that represents the life of your loved one, or create something completely unique for your custom urn.

About our custom urn artists.

We vet every one of our artists carefully, screening for the unique combination of creativity, craftsmanship and compassion that will best help you celebrate the beautiful life of your loved one or pet.

If you have any further questions about creating a custom urn simply submit an estimate request. We will be happy to assist you with answers to your questions and exploring options for your custom urn.


Complete the form below, or call us at 877-249-7735

You may provide up to two images for our artists to reference for inspiration.

Once you submit this form, an urn curator will reach out to you within 1 business day.

We respect your privacy, and keep all of your information completely confidential.

Converting mementos into cherished memorials.

Converted Urns

Converting an object can be a fitting way to memorialize your loved one, along with their favorite object. Objects can be incorporated into a custom made base such as this sewing machine created to memorialize a seamstress, while some objects would be best suited for retrofitting to reinforce the object and secure the cremains with a threaded opening.

Whatever your inspiration, a Custom Urn Curator will guide you through the process of converting an object into the perfect memorial for your loved one while retaining the quality and security of any cherished object.

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Additional Custom Urn Options

Hand Painted Urns

FROM $150-600+

Shipped within 5-10 days

Your loved one's name, favorite landscape, or portrait can be hand painted on an urn.
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Bling It

FROM $300-1,800+

Shipped within 5-10 days

Hand-placed Swarovski crystals, in any color or design, can embellish any urn to create a custom memorial for your loved one.
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scuplt it

FROM $700-2,600+

Shipped within 10-14 weeks

Our artists start from scratch and create a completely new and custom piece based on your vision.
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